In their words

Below are some words from prior Mark Tiner Memorial Scholarship Recipients. 

"When Sean surprised me with the scholarship during 5th period of my senior year, I was so overwhelmed with shock, appreciation, and awe--and I still remember clearly how terribly speechless the moment rendered me.  I wanted to express my deep and greatest gratitude but I couldn’t find the words.  I found myself repeating the phrase “thank you so much” over and over again in hopes that they would understand how much their generosity, kindness, and belief in my potential meant to me.

The scholarship award came as a relief to both my family and I.  With my dad retired due to disability, and my mom struggling to make ends meet with a low-paying job as a cook, our financial situation was already very restricted without even considering the costs of college.  

The Mark Tiner Scholarship was a huge blessing in all this and helped make my entrance into college a wonderful, life-changing experience—unclouded by any additional financial worries.  The funds from the foundation offset a portion of tuition and replaced the loans that I would have otherwise had to take out.  For that huge financial relief, the scholarship was a wonderful and tremendous blessing.

But more than just books and tuition, the Mark Tiner Scholarship Foundation had instilled in me an invaluable sense of encouragement—to have the foundation believe in my potential enough to support me in my pursuit of higher education has made me all the more motivated to continue to work hard in my education and community—to continue striving for educational success and ultimately, for the power to help change the world.  As I was generously given, I want to give that much more.

I have currently just finished my 3rd year of undergrad at USC pursuing studies in biological sciences as well as classical piano.  Aside from science and music classes, I have also dedicated my time to a couple of other activities including the USC Vietnamese Student Association as a co-dance choreographer, the Trojan Marching Band as a clarinet player, and the Trojan Catholic Center as a volunteer for skid row community services.  This summer, I will be staying in Los Angeles to conduct research on pesticides and gene alterations in the fruit fly, as well as to intern at the St. Francis Medical Center, working alongside nurses and physicians to provide patient care.  

My undergrad experiences thus far have been challenging, adventurous, life-changing, and hugely rewarding, and I am so lucky to be where I am.  And the support, motivation, and inspiration that the Mark Tiner Scholarship Foundation gave to me at the beginning of this undergrad journey has stayed and will continue to stay with me the entire way."

                             -Clara, Mark Tiner Memorial Scholarship Recipient

"I was awarded the Mark P. Tiner Scholarship at the end of my senior year when my family and I were unsure how to meet the cost of my college education. As the middle of three children – one in university and another college-bound at the time – this generous scholarship helped lighten the expenses of my higher education. It truly encouraged me to move forward with my studies and not let finances hinder my ambitions. I will always be grateful to Sean Tiner and the Mark P. Tiner Scholarship for allowing me to pursue the academic goals I envisioned for myself.

I am now a second year at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Classical Civilization. Besides academics, I am an assistant in the Neurosurgery Department at David Geffen School of Medicine, a team researcher for Hospital Sustainability, and a member of Interaxon (an organization that teaches young students about the brain)."

                      - JohannaMark Tiner Memorial Scholarship Recipient

"It's almost miraculous that I am graduating, given the financial setbacks I have faced. Thanks to you and other generous donors, I made it through and will be receiving my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The Tiner Scholarship helped me pay for my first year of college and it was all the more meaningful because I know that scholarships holds a special meaning for you and you seem to do it with genuine love and care for the students. On a side note, I received a full-time offer from NASA and I'll be working at NASA Ames Research Center as a computer scientist. Things are working out really nice for me and I'm glad to hear that the scholarship foundation is going strong." 

                        - YeonMark Tiner Memorial Scholarship Recipient